Listed below are all presentations that have been created for the Harrington Downtown Development District (DDD) project. The City facilitated a DDD Launch Presentation on October 24, 2016. This presentation provides very detailed information about the Downtown initiatives by the City of Harrington, Kent County Levy Court, and the State of Delaware agencies.

Harrington Launch Presentation (10/24/2016) Please note that the Large Project Applications Due Date is actually December 12, 2016
Task Force Presentation 5 (Project Update 10/13/2016)
Project Presentation (04/14/2016)
Task Force Presentation 4 (Incentives 03/23/2016)
Task Force Presentation 3 (Goals & Objectives 03/10/2016)
Task Force Presentation 2 (Visioning 01/12/2016)
Task Force Presentation 1 (Kick-Off 12/01/2015)