The City of Harrington is offering a variety of incentives relating to fee reductions and waivers, property tax reduction, and impact fee reductions, which have been adopted for the Downtown Development District and Citywide. City incentives include the following:

Downtown Development District Incentives

Ordinance 16-07, Chapter 157, Economic Development and Redevelopment

  • Business License Fee Waiver for New Businesses
  • Category A or B Plan Review Fee Reduction
  • Category A or B Priority Review Status
  • First-Time Home Buyer Tax Abatement
  • Downtown Revitalization Property Tax Reduction Program

Citywide Incentives

Ordinance 16-07, Chapter 157, Economic Development and Redevelopment
Ordinance 16-10, Chapter 180, Municipal Fees – Sewer Impact Fee Schedule

  • Sewer Impact Fee Reduction
  • Impact Fee Waiver based on Direct Job Creation
  • Permit & Other Fee Reduction based on Direct Job Creation for Harrington Residents
  • Single Family Home Impact Fee Waiver
  • Sewer Impact Fee Step Increase Schedule

Qualified investors in the Downtown Development District are also eligible for a variety of incentives from the State and County. Please use the links below to find out more about these incentives:

State of Delaware

Delaware State Housing Authority, DDD Grants Program
Office of State Planning Coordination, Additional State Agency Incentives

Kent County Levy Court

Provides a match to the Delaware State Housing Authority DDD award up to a maximum of $10,000 per project. Please contact James Waddington for additional information.