Police Units

K9 Unit:

This unit is no longer in service and the Harrington Police Department’s previous K9, Nero, was retired in 2013.

Community Policing:

Lieutenant Byron S. Stubbs is in command of this unit. Lt. Stubbs is currently the Community Policing Officer for the City of Harrington in which he handles a wide variety of programs and events such as: neighborhood watch programs, elderly safety programs, business safety programs, National Night Out, bicycle safety programs and foot patrols throughout the community. He is the Special Olympics of Delaware liaison for the Harrington Police Department, as well as performing his standard patrol duties.

School Resource Officer (SRO):

Patrolman First Class Brooke Tucker is in command of this unit. Patrolman Tucker acts as the liaison between school administration, faculty, and the students. She provides a highly visible presence to deter and identify problems within the schools. She aids in preventing juvenile delinquency through close contact with students and school personnel. The SRO is responsible for investigating and enforcing criminal law violations occurring in the school or on school property.


The following are statistics for the number of complaints handled each year by the Harrington Police Department.

Year: Complaints:
2003 3297
2004 3955
2005 4437
2006 3764
2007 4346
2008 3567
2009 3958
2010 3817
2011 4516
2012 4650
2013 4852
2014 4805