Public Works

Public-Works102 Franklin St.
Office: 302-398-3423
Fax: 302-398-8166
After Hours Emergency: 302-632-8827

The City of Harrington Public Works Department is under the supervision of Alan Moore. The department is responsible for repairing water leaks, water and sewer issues (including locating and inspecting water/sewer lines), fire hydrant testing and repair, animal control, drainage issues, facility maintenance of City buildings, road repairs to include black top and temporary patching, snow removal, sign replacement and repair, weed control on curb lines, and alley repairs.

Yard Waste Disposal:
As of January 1, 2011, yard waste is banned from being disposed of in Delaware landfills. Please do not mix grass, leaves, tree limbs, shrubs, or garden material with regular household garbage. Yard waste can be disposed of at Delaware Solid Waste Authority sites. See the DSWA website for more information. 

Fire Hydrant Flushing Schedule:
Fire hydrants are flushed on the 3rd Monday and Tuesday of the month when the weather is suitable and above freezing. During this process, water customers may experience low water pressure and rust in the water. If you have rust in your water, let the water run until it becomes clear again. Hydrants will be flushed for a minimum of ten minutes each.

Water Saving Tips

Street Sweeper Schedule