Site Plans and Subdivisions

Site Plans

As set forth in the Code of the City of Harrington § 440-287, Site Plan approval is required for commercial and residential development (and redevelopment) projects to assure good arrangement and appearance of new development; ensure harmony with existing structures; assure consistency with the City’s adopted building and site design standards, the Comprehensive Land Use Plan, and Chapter 357 Standard Specifications for Installation of Utility Construction Projects and Subdivision Pavement Design; to provide an understanding of the impacts of proposed developments on public facilities and services and ensure the availability and adequacy of the same.

Under the Harrington City Code, there are two types of Site Plans:

  • Category A Site Plans are subject to a 3-step (Concept, Preliminary, and Final) approval process from the Planning Commission.
  • Category B Site Plans are subject to administrative review and approval by the City Manager.

Full Development Process Toolkit

Note: Applicants are strongly encouraged to have a pre-application meeting with the City Manager prior to submission of any site plan application. Contact Daniel Tartt at or by phone at (302) 398-3530.

Category A Site Plans

Site Plans for the following major uses, including new construction or the relocation of a building, not otherwise subject to separate procedures, shall be subject to review by the Planning Commission and shall be called “Category A Site Plans”:

  1. Business and office buildings, commercial buildings, manufacturing, or industrial buildings;
  2. Businesses and professional complexes;
  3. Churches, temples, and synagogues;
  4. Government buildings of all types;
  5. Hotels, motels, or motor lodges;
  6. Multiple-family dwellings containing more than 2 dwellings or forming a part of a multi-dwelling development of 2 or more buildings;
  7. Townhouses;
  8. Education or institutional buildings.

Category A Site Plans must go through a 3-step process for approval. Please see the flowcharts below for the Concept, Preliminary, and Final approvals:

Category A Site Plan – Concept Flowchart
Category A Site Plan – Preliminary Flowchart
Category A Site Plan – Final Flowchart

Category B Site Plans

Category B site plans require administrative review as provided for in § 440-293, Category B/Administrative Plan Review Procedures, and include the following:

(1) One-family detached dwellings, two-dwelling units, and rehabilitation projects;
(2) Additions as deemed necessary by the City Manager;
(3) Change of use:

(a) Changing the existing use to another permitted use in any zone will require an approval from the City of Harrington prior to any renovations or remodeling;
(b) Change of use site plans that do not require waivers and/or variances shall be submitted for review to the City Manager; all others must go through the Category A review process of §440-289, Category A Site Plan Procedures;
(c) The City may establish additional requirements for the change of use review based on the increase in services and/or outside agency approvals.

(4) Minor Subdivisions of three lots or less and conversion of existing deeded lots to parcels;
(5) Commercial additions under 5,000 sq. ft. of gross floor area (GFA);
(6) Additions in the Manufacturing and Industrial Park Manufacturing Zones under 10,000 sq. ft. of gross floor area (GFA).

The Category B – Administrative Plan Toolkit provides additional information on the Category B Site Plan process.

Subdivision Plans

As set forth in Chapter 370 of the Code of the City of Harrington, applications are required to obtain Subdivision Plan approval for the subdivision of any parcel into 2 or more lots. Those subdivisions with 3 or less proposed new lots are designated as Minor Subdivisions and are required to obtain Category B Site Plan approval as described above. Major Subdivisions of 4 or more planned lots are required to go through the full Subdivision process as laid out in § 370-42. Subdivision Plans go through a 3-step approval process (Concept, Preliminary, and Final) and are required to obtain approvals from both the Planning Commission and City Council.

Questions regarding the site plan or subdivision process should be directed to City Codes Manager John Long at or by phone at (302) 398-3530