Peddlers and Solicitors Regulations

The Harrington City Council adopted regulations for peddlers and solicitors operating in the city. These rules require those who sell door-to-door to get a license from City Hall and follow guidelines regarding wearing an ID badge, hours of operation (9 am to 7 pm), not making false statements, and other policies. See Code Chapter 280.

In order to obtain a license, the peddler/solicitor must provide more information than required for a business license such as a background check and passport photo.

There are exemptions for sheriffs/constables, charitable organizations, and those under 16 years old (see § 280-4 for a complete list).

Residents may register with City Hall for the “no solicitation registry.” This list of addresses only will be provided to anyone obtaining a license and posted on the City’s website. Peddlers/solicitors are prohibited from visiting the addresses on the registry.

If you have a door-to-door salesperson that refuses to leave or is aggressive, please call 911 immediately. Call City Hall, 398-3530, with any questions on the program.

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