Water and Sewer Usage Information

Below you will find documents listing usage and leak information by account number.

These documents will be updated monthly on or about the 23rd of the month.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact City Hall at 302-398-3530

The most current water usage information can be found at Water Usage June 2016 – June 2017.

To determine usage fees based on this information you would take the total gallons and divide by 1,000 and then multiply by $3.25 for water and $8.10 ($5.76 City and $2.34 Kent County) for sewer.  This does NOT include the quarterly base rate of $35 for water and $80 for sewer (these base fees are for residential users ONLY, commercial users please contact City Hall to determine your base fees) .  For example:  If your usage for the month of September is 5,000 gallons the formula would be 5,000/1,000 = 5 , then 5 x $3.25 = $16.25 Water Usage Fee, for that month.  To determine your bill for a quarter, you would add the usage for the corresponding months together and apply the same formula, total/1,000 x usage rate.  Then add in your base fees as stated above. Quarters are billed as follows:

July, August, September-Billed October 1st and due November 10th
October, November, December-Billed January 1st and due February 10th
January, February, March-Billed April 1st and due May 10th
April, May, June-Billed July 1st and due August 10th

If your account is listed on this report, your meter has recorded a leak during the last 35 days.  Each meter records flow every 15 minutes, a 24 hour period is made up of 96 intervals.  These intervals are used to determine leak status.  If there is flow recorded in 49 to 95 of the intervals within a 24 hour period, it is recorded as an intermittent leak.  If flow is recorded in all 96 intervals, it is recorded as a continuous leak.