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Public Notice: Additions to Tax Bills & Appeals

The City Council of the City of Harrington adopted Resolution 20-R-04 on May 4, 2020. This resolution adopted a list of other debts, including charges, costs, and other assessments owed to the City of Harrington to be added to tax bills and set the procedure for appeals. This list can be viewed at Harrington City Hall or on the City’s website at List of Other […]

Apply for Senior/Disabled Citizen Partial Tax Relief

If you will be 65 or older by June 30 or are totally disabled, you may qualify for a 5% discount on your City of Harrington property taxes. Please complete the Application for Partial Tax Relief for Senior Citizen and Disabled Property Owners and return it to City Hall by May 31, 2019. Senior Citizens no longer have to apply every year to receive the discount. […]

What City Services Will You Use Today?

Cities make sure residents receive the services essential to a good quality of life. Many of these services are so much a part of our daily lives and are so dependable, that we rarely give them a second thought. Whether directly or through partnerships, cities are responsible for make sure residents can rely upon: Clean drinking water Sewer systems and water treatment processes Trash collection and […]