Donotion Policy

We will start accepting donations again in March 2022. Please refer to the donation policy to know what types of donations are accepted.  

Donation Policy

The Harrington Public Library, a Department of the City of Harrington, accepts gifts that are consistent with and supportive of its overall mission. The Harrington Public Library has been enriched by generous gifts of cash, services, books, and other materials from private individuals, non-profit organization, and private, for profit companies. 


The Library reserves, as its right, decisions regarding acceptance, placement, cataloging treatment, acknowledgement, and dispositions of all donations. 

All material donations become the exclusive property of the library and cannot be returned. However, if the donor so requests, items not required by the library can be returned. This should be clearly communicated, preferably in writing. In the absence of such direction, the library, claiming ownership, is free to dispose of items as it sees fit. 

All material donations accepted by the library must be in accordance with the library’s selection policy and procedures. 

Material donations not required by the library will either be given to the Friends of the Harrington Public Library to be sold as a fundraiser or disposed of in some other manner. 

The Library remains the right to refuse any gift. A number of factors including duplication of resources, space restriction, equipment constraints, or expense of repair, binding, or processing may prevent the library from accepting the gift. 

Donations of the following types of material, but not limited to, will NOT be accepted:

Donations of the following types of materials, but not limited to, will NOT be accepted:

  • Textbooks
  • Non-Current business and professional books
  • Single Issues of magazines or journals
  • Materials that are damp, ragged, dirty, moldy, or in otherwise poor condition
  • Readers Digest Condensed Books
  • Software not in original, sealed packages
  • It is the responsibility of those donating electronic resources to abide by licensing and copyright restrictions and regulations. 

Monetary donations should be presented to the Library Director or appropriate designee. 

The Library Director will cooperate with all monetary donors if they wish to recommend specific title(s), area(s) of interest, or piece(s) of equipment; otherwise, the Director and the staff will determine how the donation will be used for the betterment of the library. 

Gift materials, with the exception of memorial gifts, selected collections, and those requested by the donor are not plated. 

The library does not provide itemized lists of donations to donors. 

The library cannot and will not appraise gifts for tax purposes. Appraisal costs and arrangements are the responsibility of the donor. 

Requests for tax receipts MUST be made at the outset. 

The Library Donation Policy and Guidelines will be reviewed annually and revised as needed. 


January 2014