Citizen of the Year Award






This award will be presented annually to an individual whose volunteerism and outstanding service and dedication have made a significant contribution to the greater Harrington community. The Harrington City Council will select a ‘Citizen of the Year’ based upon the following criteria:

  • A person who continually volunteers his or her time, dedication and talents to the City and its citizens to make Harrington a great place to live, work, play and
  • A person who has made a positive difference to the lives of fellow citizens through service on school, church, and/or community based
  • A person who has shown a willingness to work with our Harrington residents, who is enthusiastic about the City and its citizens, and who works continually toward the betterment of the
  • A person who demonstrates and embodies honesty and integrity in their

In choosing the recipient, regard will be given to the nominee’s achievements from August 2020 to 2021, in addition to their past achievements and ongoing contributions to the community. To be eligible, the person must reside within the 19952 zip code, while their community service should take place predominately within the City of Harrington. Only individuals may be nominated, not groups or organizations. Self-nominations will not be considered. The number of nominations received per nominee will bear no weight in the selection for Citizen of the Year. The community service outlined in the application must be made as a personal commitment, and not substantially as a result of their primary employment or public responsibilities.


If you have a friend, neighbor, relative, or local business person you feel has given unselfishly to help others, or who meets any or all of the above criteria, please fill out the back side of this form. Nomination forms are available on the city’s website ( and in City Hall at 106 Dorman Street.

Completed nomination forms must be received no later than noon on Friday, August 13, 2021. Please return forms to:

US Mail or in-person:  City of Harrington, 106 Dorman Street, Harrington, DE 19952


Download form by clicking here