Vaccines for all those 65 and older have begun

The protocol will be to register via a link.  If you have no computer access or need assistance, please either go to Harrington Parks and Recreation or the Harrington Senior Center to get assistance.

All 65 years of age or older can get on the list

Pharmacies and Doctors office have now been added but you still MUST MAKE AN APPOINTMENT!

Once on the list, numbers will be selected and you will be advised of a time, date and location

Vaccinations will begin on Friday January 22, 2021

The link to sign up is: COVID-19 Vaccination Page

The phone number for those without access is: Vaccine Call Center 1-833-643-1715

We know there will be some confusion as the program gets underway. As always if you are unsure of your best course of action, contact your family physician