Annual Report to the Electors of the City 2020

Given by Mayor Anthony R. Moyer on June 1, 2020:

It is my sincerest belief when I say to you that the state of the city is in a strong position for the future and will weather all that is placed on us. We are stable fiscally. While this next year will be a challenge fiscally due to circumstances that have been unforeseen by the city, the state, and this country. While this may present some challenges, it is nothing we will not get through together as a community. The residents and businesses of this city have weathered the storm of COVID admirably and remind me why I have chosen this to be my home for the last thirty years.

We have begun and completed many large projects in spite of the environment. Hanley Street has been completed. The water project is continuing to move forward. The closing of the waste treatment plant is moving forward. The library project while moving ahead slowly is still progressing.

The budget for the coming year is balanced. The contract for trash pickup has been signed with no increase for the residents. Many of the derelict properties within the city have been rehabbed and/or replaced with new homes. Improving these neighborhoods and creating affordable homes.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome our new City Manager, Daniel Tartt, and City Planner Karen Brittingham. I wish them luck in this endeavor. As well as the new council members – Ervin E. White and Darrin Simpson – as well as the return of Duane E. Bivans.

This past year we lost a friend and colleague of the city, William Pepper, who served this city for 19 years as the City Solicitor. His counsel, wisdom, and friendship will be sorely missed. We also say good bye to Council Members Charlie Baugher and Eric Marquis, who served the people of their districts as well as all the citizens, giving of many more hours of their time than most realize.

In closing, I would like to thank each and every Council Person, City Manager, the ladies in City Hall, Alan Moore and the Public Works team, Christine Hayward and her crew at the Library, Bill and Doug at Parks and Recreation, John in Code Enforcement, Chief Norman Barlow, and all the police officers for putting themselves out there every day to protect each and every one of us. Without these people, the stability in the last year would not have been possible. I would ask that every resident of the city would take the time to thank these people when they run across them in their travels.

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