Summer Travel Safety Tips

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you will be traveling this summer:

  1. Don’t use your back pockets. Pickpockets can easily lift your wallet from your back pocket.
  2. Hide your cash. Don’t carry all your cash in the same place. Hide it in several places when traveling.
  3. Fill out a house watch form. Stop by HPD or get one from our webpage. Officers will check on your property while you’re away. Also let a trusted neighbor know that you will be away.
  4. Don’t post on social media. Wait until you return from vacation to post about it on social media. Don’t give criminals a heads up that you are not home.
  5. Leave a light on. Put a light on a timer so that your house isn’t completely dark.
  6. Stop your mail and newspaper. Have the post office hold your mail and stop your newspaper delivery or ask a neighbor to get them. Newspapers and mail piling up outside is a sure sign that no one is home.

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