2019 Ordinances, Resolutions, and Proclamations

Ordinances Adopted in 2019:
19-01 Ch 305 Property Maintenance – Abatement
19-02 Ch 224 Graffiti – Repeal Repeal of whole chapter
19-03 DDD Maps Expanded boundaries for the Downtown Development District
19-04 Ch 157 Economic Development Impact Fee Waivers and Reduced Fees for Job Creation for Harrington Residents

Resolutions Adopted in 2019:
19-R-01 Revised Charter Adoption
19-R-02 Election 2019 Regular Municipal Election
19-R-03 DDD Administrator Appointing the Downtown Development District Administrator
19-R-04 Debts on Tax Bills
19-R-05 USDA Loan Terms
19-R-06 Rules of Procedure 2019-2020
19-R-07 Mayor and Council Compensation
19-R-08 FY 2020 Budget
19-R-09 Alcohol at Farm to Table Dinner
19-R-10 DDD Administrator Appoints Downtown Development District Administrator
19-R-11 CDBG Application for FY2020 Community Development Block Grant
19-R-12 CDBG Fair Housing Supporting the goals of the Federal Fair Housing Law
19-R-13 DDD Administrator Appoints Downtown Development District Administrator

Proclamations Made in 2019:
African American History Month – February 2019
FFA Week – February 16-23, 2019
Senior Center Month 2019 – September 2019
Breast Cancer Awareness Month – October 2019