Annual Report to the Electors of the City 2018

Presented by Mayor Anthony R. Moyer at the June 4, 2018 City Council Organizational Meeting.

First I would like to welcome back Councilman Marquis and Vice Mayor Minner. I congratulate them on their re-election, and also thank them, as well as Councilman Bivans, Baugher, Parker, and Helsel, in their continued service to the City and community. It is these six individuals as well as a group of volunteer commissioners along with great employees that make this the great city it is. One I am very proud to be a part of.

The City is in very good shape financially through good stewardship by this Council, concerted effort by the employees, and cost cutting when possible. We have created a balanced budget for the upcoming year without raising taxes and/or water and sewer rates. We will this year complete the infrastructure work that we began three years ago without raising our debt service.

I would also like to welcome Officer Dalton Willey, sworn in this past year. Congratulations to Richard Clough, the Employee of the Year in the past year.

We have seen continued growth in both the residential side as well as commercial. We have had one hundred seven (107) building permits issued this past year. Ribbon cuttings for new small businesses, the construction and opening of Advanced Auto, Taco Bell has started construction, Harrington Retail Center is preparing to build a one thousand six hundred (1,600) plus square foot office space. As well as the opening of The Chair hair salon and Main Street Sweets ice cream and bakery downtown, expansion of American Finance as well.

The future is looking bright and growing at a steady pace and has done so for the past few years. Most of this growth has been fueled by changes made to the process with which one can build in the City. Financial incentives, having a City Planner in house, as well as changes made the process which greatly lowers the cost as well as speeds up the process.

Once again I would like to thank the citizens of Harrington for giving me the chance to serve them.

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