2017 Ordinances, Resolutions, and Proclamations

Ordinances Adopted in 2017:
17-01 Chapter 378 Taxation To remove the requirement for seniors to apply every year for partial tax relief
17-02 Chapter 440 Zoning – Electronic Message Centers To allow for more movement on electronic message center messages in certain zones
17-03 Chapter 175 Impact Fees To require impact fees be paid prior to the issuance of a building permit
17-04 Chapter 120 Business Licenses Repealing and replacing the Business License Chapter
17-05 Chapter 130 Contractor Licenses Adding a chapter for Contractor Licenses
17-06 Chapter 280 Peddlers and Solicitors Add a chapter for Peddlers and Solicitors
17-07 Chapter 180 Municipal Fees- Licenses and Trash
17-08 Chapter 440 Zoning Related to the number of signs allowed in C3, M, and IMP zones
17-09 Chapter 157 Economic Development and Redevelopment To extend the water and sewer impact fee waiver for new single family dwellings
17-10 Chapter 440 Zoning Related to uses in the Manufacturing Zone
17-11 Chapter 440 Zoning Extending approval time before site plan expiration
17-12 Chapter 370 Subdivision of Land Extended approval time before subdivision plan expiration
17-13 Rezone Roop Property on Milford Harrington Highway Rezones parcel from R-3 to R-4
17-14 Chapter 216 Freedom of Information Act and Ch 180  Adds a chapter for Freedom of Information Act requests and related fees
17-15 Zoning for Roop Property Being Annexed Establishing zoning of C-3 (Service Commercial) for newly annexed property of 16962 South DuPont Highway

Resolutions Adopted in 2017:
17-R-01 2017 Municipal Election
17-R-02 Downtown Delaware Commercial District Affiliate Program
17-R-03 Authorizing Agents for Bank Accounts
17-R-04 Debts on Tax Bills and Appeals
17-R-05 FY 2017 Revised Budget
17-R-06 FY 2018 Budget
17-R-06 VOID
17-R-08 Tax Credit for Friendship Village
17-R-09 Repealing Tax Credit for Friendship Village
17-R-10 Annexation Request Roop – 16962 South DuPont Highway
17-R-11 Annexation Roop Annexation of 16962 South DuPont Highway, 6-00-171.00-04-16.00-000.01, David W. Roop
17-R-12 CDBG Community Development Block Grant representative and application authorization
17-R-13 CDBG Fair housing support

Proclamations Made in 2017:
African American History Month
Future Farmers of America (FFA) Week February 18-25