2016 Ordinances & Resolutions

The City Code contains all codified ordinances for the City of Harrington.

The following are lists of ordinances and resolutions that the City Council has adopted in 2016 along with proclamations made by the Mayor in 2016.

Ordinances Adopted in 2016:
16-01 Chapter 440 Zoning – Category B Plan Reviews
16-02 Chapter 180 Municipal Fees Fees for Plan reviews, lot line adjustments, and inspections
16-03 Chapter 240 Juvenile Curfew To add a juvenile curfew
16-04 Chapter 378 Taxation – First Time Buyer Transfer Tax Exemption
16-05 Chapter 180 Municipal Fees To add fines for Juvenile Curfew violations
16-06 Downtown Development District Plan Adoption Exhibit A Part 1 Exhibit A Part 2
16-07 Chapter 157 Economic Development and Redevelopment Adds a new chapter with economic incentives to encourage development
16-08 Chapter 440 Zoning Clarifying Requirements for corner lots
16-09 Chapter 157 Economic Development – Single Family Impact Fee Waiver To add a waiver of impact fees for single family homes
16-10 Chapter 180 Municipal Fees – Sewer Impact Fee Schedule
16-11 Chapter 240 Juvenile Curfew – Remove Sunset To remove the expiration of the curfew
16-12 Chapter 440 Zoning –  C3 Manager’s Apartment To allow a first floor manager’s apartment in hotels and motels
16-13 Chapter 440 Zoning To allow corner lots under 7,500 square feet to have only one front yard

Resolutions Adopted in 2016:
16-R-01 All-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Adopts the Kent County All-Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Attachment Part 1 and Attachment Part 2
16-R-02 A DNREC Bond Terms
16-R-02 B DHSS Bond Terms
16-R-03 Charter Amendment for Term Limits
16-R-04 Thanking Fire Department for work during January blizzard
16-R-05 Thanking Public Works for work during January blizzard
16-R-06 Election Setting 2016 municipal election for Districts 1 & 3
16-R-07 Charter Amendment for Refinance without Voter Approval
16-R-08 Debts on Tax Bills and Appeals
16-R-09 Sewer Capacity Improvement Funding Introduction Principal forgiveness and construction loan funding from DNREC
16-R-10 Sewer Capacity Improvement Funding Introduction Grant and loan funding from USDA
16-R-11 Sewer Capacity Improvement Funding Approval DNREC
16-R-12 Sewer Capacity Improvement Funding Approval USDA
16-R-13 Downtown Development District Designation Application
16-R-14 FY 2016 Revised Budget
16-R-15 FY2017 Budget
16-R-16 Water System Improvement Funding Introduction USDA
16-R-17 Water System Improvement Funding Introduction DNREC
16-R-18 Asset Management Incentive Program Grant To apply for grant
16-R-19 Water System Improvement Funding Special Election USDA To schedule a special election
16-R-20 Water System Improvement Funding Special Election DNREC To schedule a special election
16-R-21 CDBG To authorize the Mayor to submit the FY2017 CDBG application and Kent County to act as the representative
16-R-22 CDBG Supports the Federal Fair Housing Law
16-R-23 Charter Amendment To allow for financing without voter approval when the principal amount will be forgiven

Proclamations Made in 2016:
City Goes Red Month Proclaiming February as City Goes Red Month and February 5, 2016 as Wear Red Day
African American History Month Proclaiming February as African American History Month
FFA Week Proclaiming February 20-27 as FFA Week