News & Notices:

Downtown Development District

On August 10, 2016, Governor Jack Markell announced the City of Harrington’s designation as a Downtown Development District (DDD). Qualified investors in the designated District will be eligible for a variety of incentives from the State of Delaware, Kent County, and the City of Harrington. Grant rebates of up to 20% of construction costs from the State of Delaware for qualifying projects over $15,000 are available, […]

Maintaining Infrastructure: The Story of a Water Leak

Yesterday (September 15), you may have seen Harrington’s Public Works’ crew working on the shoulder of DuPont Highway in front of Liberty Plaza. They were there to fix a water leak, and it took all day. We are going to use this real world example to better understand both the importance of infrastructure maintenance and the upcoming referendum on water projects. Repairing the Leak On […]

Trash Collection Reminders

This is a friendly reminder that the following rules regarding trash collection must be followed: All garbage containers must be placed for collection between 3 pm the day before and 6 am the day of collection If possible, please do not block sidewalks with garbage containers All garbage containers must be removed from the collection area by 11:59 pm the day it has been emptied […]

Harrington Enacts Juvenile Curfew

After much debate, a town hall meeting, and 2 public hearings, the Harrington City Council adopted a curfew for juveniles. Please review the entire Ordinance 16-03 for detailed information on the new curfew. Some of the highlights include the following: The curfew applies to juveniles 16 years old and younger The hours of the curfew are 10:00 pm to 6:00 a.m. There are several exceptions to the […]

Property Maintenance – Common Code Violations

Check your property for easy ways to beautify your home and avoid Property Maintenance Code violations: Grass kept at 6” or less (more information about grass cutting and yard waste) Trash cans should not be visible from the street Sidewalks should be free of debris and weeds Peeling paint should be removed and repainted Broken windows should be repaired Indoor furniture cannot be placed outside […]

Attention All Homeowners – Let’s Make Harrington Beautiful!

We want to thank homeowners that take pride in our City and their homes. Thank you for keeping your homes and yards maintained to make your piece of Harrington attractive and a place people want to call home. Our goal is to make Harrington one of the most attractive places to live in Delaware. Doing so will lead to higher property values for all, increase […]

FREE Housing Repair Program

The City of Harrington through the Kent County Levy Court is looking for participants for a housing repair program. Funds from the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) are used to make necessary repairs to owner occupied houses for homeowners with low to moderate incomes. CDBG Income Limits effective March 2015. For more information or to apply, call Kent County Planning Services at 744-2480.

What City Services Will You Use Today?

Cities make sure residents receive the services essential to a good quality of life. Many of these services are so much a part of our daily lives and are so dependable, that we rarely give them a second thought. Whether directly or through partnerships, cities are responsible for make sure residents can rely upon: Clean drinking water Sewer systems and water treatment processes Trash collection and […]

Thank you City of Harrington Taxpayers and Ratepayers

Thank you, City of Harrington Taxpayers and Ratepayers for helping to make Harrington a better place for all of us to live, work, and play.

Got Questions?

Have questions about a City of Harrington related issue? Get the facts – call City Hall at 398-3530 or email us.